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Power of Distant Healing

ISBN: 9781310678707

About This Book

You may have been faced with situations when people are faced with a friend, colleague or loved one who is sick or in trouble, but were at a loss as to know how to help. Maybe you’ve lived in another town or country, and didn’t have physical contact with the person, or didn’t have the tools and knowledge to heal their pain and suffering.
You might have left a beloved sick pet at the veterinarian, and had to see their eyes staring back at you as you walk out the door not knowing if you’ll see them again. Or terribly distressing photos have appeared in the media that have evoked your sympathy and concern.
In such circumstances it’s only natural to want to do anything to make things better, but you’re unsure how to go about it.
The Power of Distant Healing treats the whole of the person’s body, mind and spirit by using the many kinds of techniques Janet Roberts learned throughout the years.
She first realised the power the mind has over the body when she was trying to do exercises for her Multiple Sclerosis. Too exhausted to them physically, Janet would lie in bed and exercise “in her mind” (like swimming the English Channel, or flying on the back of a giant condor over the Grand Canyon in the States). And to her physician’s amazement, her visualisations helped her climb out of her darkest moments to have a stronger and healthier body.
Distant healing is used to help relieve anxiety, worry, fears or challenges that are causing difficulties in a person’s life. It can also be sent to a person who has passed away to send them healing for the life they left behind, and a blessing for the new one they’ve entered.
There are many kinds of techniques and tools used, some of which she discusses in the book, such as angels, crystals, prayers, proxy healing and visualization.
Because there’s no time or space barrier, the different ways of sending distant healing are endless as it’s dependent on the healer and their capabilities. Since it deals purely with energy, healing can occur in the past, present and future, and can be used to heal an inflicted person when it’s too difficult to be touched (surgery, infections, burns, etc.) Therefore, healing can occur within miles or even within inches of the intended.
Distant healing requires very little effort on the part of the healer as it’s mostly done with intention that comes from pure love and genuine concern for the recipient. The longer you do distant healing, the stronger your intentions and the better the healing.